Urban Decay Contest Hypes Up New Collection on Pinterest


Urban Decay is debuting a new collection called “Electric” on Pinterest, along with a contest that will send two people to Coachella this year. UD’s Pinterest board “Get Electric. Festival Style.” is a board of pictures of music festival style, the new Electric collection, and brightly-colored people and objects. The Electric collection seems to go hand-in-hand with music festivals because it’s just the sort of product that festival goers want to wear!

Not only is Urban Decay sharing pictures of its new collection (out March 18th), but it is also offering a contest to followers:


Urban Decay is an edgy beauty brand with a wildly youthful personality. Creating a connection between a huge musical event (that many UD customers attend) and a new product line that caters to their style is genius. Urban Decay is inspiring pinners. By inspiring pinners with pins of beautiful girls with flowers in their hair and pins of the festival, UD is adding to its brand image and increasing engagement with consumers. 


Purchases through pins. But can it turn re-pins into sales? According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, 1 in 5 Pinterest users has bought something in a store after pinning or liking it on Pinterest. That’s good news. Urban Decay is doing the right thing by sending Pinners to its store to buy the Electric collection!

The more re-pins, the better. By pinning about the new collection and music festivals, Urban Decay’s pins are being re-pinned. Re-pinning is the best way to reach more people on Pinterest because 19% of purchases were found through a friend on Pinterest and 24% were found through a stranger. A measly 7% of purchases were found on the actual retailer’s Pinterest board.

With almost 40 million unique visitors each month, Pinterest is a hot platform for reaching consumers. I look forward to reading more about Pinterest’s growth and pins-to-purchases capabilities.

4 thoughts on “Urban Decay Contest Hypes Up New Collection on Pinterest

  1. Michelle Logan says:

    I was a great idea for Urban Decay to use Pinterest for their product. Pinterest is actually the place I always go to find cute clothes and fun makeup, so they definitely hit the target audience (at least in my book!). Pinterest is also all about fun colors and what catches the eye, so it was perfect of them to show off their electric colors on that type of medium. I could also relate to only pinning things that my friends have pinned, because I don’t search for things myself as often as I scroll down on my newsfeed and find others’ pins. Keep up the great work!

  2. Morgan Reynard says:

    I think it was extremely clever of Urban Decay to target a specific audience on Pinterest first- people who attend festivals. Once this audience starts to repin the Urban Decay products, others will catch on. I personally use Pinterest (way too much), so I think it’s a great social media site to market beauty products to women. The products that people similar to me are repinning are the products that I look at, so Pinterest can create a great word of mouth marketing strategy for Urban Decay. Very well written!

  3. Laura Mack says:

    Pinterest is a great site in general to reach make-up lovers and fashion gurus. I love how Urban Decay has recognized this as an opportunity to 1.) reach the perfect audience and 2.) establish their brand image. I really liked the brief inclusion of the article from Harvard Business Review about how effective Pinterest is in getting customers to purchase pinned items. I also love how you said that Urban Decay is “inspiring” pinners – that’s exactly why people use pinterest, often to find fashion/beauty inspiration.

  4. Kayla Marsh says:

    Wow! Great way to incorporate statistics in there. Also, way to find some information on how a brand uses Pinterest. I agree it is completely genius to mash up “hipster” girls, with “hipster” music festival, with “hipster” make-up all together. I know Urban Decay is one of the top selling make-up brands, and I also use their eye-shadows very frequently! I bet CoverGirl may do something similar to that. I’d like to see them do a contest with the prize being tickets to Ellen’s show because she is such a huge advocate for them. Great post once again, and very informative and captivating analysis!

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