Is Lancome Still a Granny Brand?

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In the past it seems that Lancome was viewed as a brand for older women. One likely reason for this opinion is that Lancome sells a lot of anti-aging products. Or maybe it was because of the higher cost of the products or the sophisticated image of the brand. One could even say that it was caused by a lack of presence on social media. When I was a young teenager I don’t remember seeing Lancome on Facebook, but maybe I wasn’t paying attention…

Today Lancome has increased its social media engagement with consumers. I’d like to share three ways that Lancome offers an opportunity for consumers to share and engage.

1. #LancomeLoves 

Lancome asks makeup lovers to post pictures of their lips and nails wearing Lancome products. The hashtags are #LancomeLovesLips and #LancomeLovesNails. I remember entering a Lancome contest to win all their new lipsticks by posting a photo with #LancomeLovesLips. If you go to the Lancome website there is a page that shows only a fraction of the posts under these two hashtags.

2. La Galerie

On the Lancome website you can view products that people are buying in real time. Here’s what it looks like at at one moment in time:

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 8.37.25 PM

All users have to do to comment is authorize an application on Facebook. How easy is that?! This allows online shoppers to see what other people are buying and ask questions or comment on the purchases. I really like this. It can be hard going through a website and trying to decide what to buy without having any insight on what other shoppers like and purchase.

3. #DualFinishConfessions Facebook Contest

Lancome has a Facebook contest running right now through April 26th. It’s the #DualFinishConfessions contest. You post your confession with the hashtag to enter to win a year’s supply of Dual Finish! Contests are great because people usually share their submission on their walls and invite their friends to enter.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 8.44.57 PM

Lancome seems to be doing well. In 2012,  it places third among the top five brands with the highest engagement rates on Facebook. In 2010 Lancome hired Michelle Phan as its first video makeup artist. If you’ve never heard of Michelle Phan, she is a YouTube beauty guru with 5 million daily followers! And her followers aren’t grannies!

Keep your eye out for Lancome!

See Lancome’s spring collection here!

4 thoughts on “Is Lancome Still a Granny Brand?

  1. Michelle Logan says:

    I love that Lancome shows what people are buying in real time! It’s actually kind of a little creepy if you think about it, but it’s definitely clever of them. It is a great example of social shopping and getting opinions from others while you shop. I also love that you posted the links to every contest or webpage. I might even try to enter a contest! I have heard of Michelle Phan and I think that’s so great that they hired her! You did a great job with this post, it’s very clear and I like that you shared results as well!

  2. Morgan Reynard says:

    The fact that you can see what Lancome products people are buying in real time shows that the company has really come a long way with their marketing strategy and presence with social media. I am more likely to buy products that I know everyone else is buying because it means the product must actually work. This can work to a great advantage for Lancome products! I might have to invest in some of these products! I like how you used a list to explain your content in this blog post.

  3. Laura Mack says:

    I actually have watched some of Michelle Phan’s videos on youtube before, so it’s exciting to hear that she has partnered with Lancome! The fact that she has been hired by Lancome proves to me that this isn’t an “old lady” brand as I have somewhat thought before. This blog post, however, has definitely altered my view of Lancome. Their involvement with social media has allowed to reach other, younger audiences. Also, the social experience they have created with the buying in real time technique is SUCH a smart idea. Great post!

  4. Kayla Marsh says:

    Love this! Lancome is definitely not a granny brand. I agree that it is very sophisticated make-up and always leaves a classy look. With my blog I’ve discovered that the #hashtags really do a lot for a brand so it is good to see that in use here, although they are mainly Facebook instead of twitter hashtags. Real time is always genius because consumers want nothing more than strictly up-to-date information, so props to Lancome for stepping up their game! Good research and great post, I can’t wait to see more.

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