Hollywood’s Most Exclusive Beauty Authority Launches Online Shop

… and Jack Nicholson was at the launch celebration dinner. What! Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 10.11.23 PM Friends of VIOLET GREY’s founder, Cassandra Huysentruyt Grey, attended a dinner to celebrate the start of her online beauty editorial and e-commerce website, which complements her retail location on Melrose Place. Cassandra is married to the CEO of Paramount Pictures, Brad Grey, which explains the Hollywood guest list and sponsorship by Dom Perignon.

Elizabeth Taylor, Photo courtesy of Violet Grey Instagram

Elizabeth Taylor, Photo courtesy of Violet Grey Instagram

Why is the shop named Violet GreyBecause “violet grey” is how Cassandra describes the color of famous Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes. The dinner celebrated the life of Ms. Taylor in lieu of the recent launch.

Why is Violet Grey trying to be “Old Hollywood Glam?”  It isn’t trying. Violet Grey used to be an exclusive dressing studio where Old Hollywood stars, stylists, and artists were inspired by vintage photographs and shelves lined with the best beauty products on the market. Cassandra wants to bring Old Hollywood glamour back to life by selling the most amazing products and celebrating talented and beloved Hollywood women with lovely dinner parties. Mrs. Grey was explains the mission of Violet Grey in a Wall Street Journal article:

“It’s dedicated to restoring the lost glamour of Hollywood. It’s about the best in beauty, curated by the makeup artists to the stars.”

The store offers something that other beauty retail shops do not: Violet Grey sells only the top beauty products produced in the 66 billion dollar industry. Cassandra Grey says:

“out of the 15,000 black mascaras on the market, we sell six. That’s how many good ones there are.”

For a beauty-loving girl like me, this store sounds like heaven. A heaven that is located on Melrose Place in California, thousands of miles away from good ol’ Virginia.

courtesy of Violey Grey Instagram

Cassandra Grey, Courtesy of Violet Grey Instagram

Luckily for all of us beauty mavens, Mrs. Grey launched The Violet Files and The Shelves to offer consumers the opportunity to read articles and tutorials and purchase products that are deemed incredible enough to make the cut. Is the mascara you’re wearing right now incredible enough for Violet Grey? There is a code all beauty products must pass: THE VIOLET CODE.  1. Authentic: the products must be discovered in artists’ kits 2. Validated: tested for performance and packaging by Violet Grey and its community 3. Coveted: declared necessary by influential names in the beauty and film industries. As you can tell, the products sold by Violet Grey are top-notch. No exceptions made.

Violet Grey’s The Shelves is an e-commerce feature that lets consumers buy Hollywood’s most coveted beauty products. The first thing you’ll see is an article called “18 Boss Beauty Musts” which lists 18 products and supporting quotes from makeup artists and nail artists. You can click on the product photo to “Shop Now” and buy the product from Violet Grey. Viewers can also tweet, pin, or share the product to Facebook. Violet Grey’s digital magazine The Violet Files offer a perspective on beauty through the eyes of artists in fashion and film. The current cover story is an interview with Mad Men actress, January Jones. Read it to get January’s take on beauty and her own life. By joining social media platforms, Cassandra expands her potential customers base…

Tweets feature Violet Grey events, articles, links to other platforms, and quotes.

Violet Grey’s Facebook page is all its social platform posts together in one feed!

With 34 boards, there is plenty to look at! Violet Grey is able to portray Old Hollywood glamour through photos on Pinterest. Check out this photograph of Elizabeth Taylor on the Awards Season board!

Violet Grey’s Instagram filled with photos of past actresses and models to admire. VG portrays the lifestyles and beauty of these women as part of its identity as a authority on authentic, validated, and coveted beauty.

I am a huge fan of Old Hollywood glamour and makeup products.Violet Grey gives me the chance to swoon over products by brands I have never heard of, learn how to use them, and buy the products that won’t cost me an arm and a leg. I’ve already found something I really, really want: the beautyblender! I think I’ll go tweet about that now…

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5 thoughts on “Hollywood’s Most Exclusive Beauty Authority Launches Online Shop

  1. Michelle Logan says:

    I really really love the image Violet Gray is trying to create. I also like how they created the Violet Code for anyone to follow (I’ll be checking it out)! I also really appreciate your own postings about these products, it’s great that you are promoting the products and well and getting others who are reading your blog involved! I’m so impressed that you included a poll, and of course I took it and trust VG after everything you informed me of! This post was so great, don’t stop doing what you’re doing!

  2. Morgan Reynard says:

    This was such an interesting post! I wonder if the vintage Hollywood style of Violet Grey will catch on again and become marketed in other industries. I like the layout you used, especially when describing each social media platform. Including the poll at the end was a great final touch to your post and shows that you really know what you’re talking about! Your knowledge of the beauty industry has taught me a great deal of awesome information in a just a few posts!

  3. Laura Mack says:

    Your blog posts are so always so helpful and informative regarding the beauty industry. I love how you captured the whole “old hollywood glamour” idea behind the campaign and set up part of the post as a series of questions and answers. The opening of Violet Grey’s online shop goes along perfectly with what we have discussed about ecommerce in class too! The company has an awesome social media strategy by narrowing down its selection to the few best-of-the-best products so that customers don’t have to search anywhere else.

  4. Kayla Marsh says:

    Way to dig up some information about this brand! Again, I’ve never heard of them but I love the idea of old hollywood glam! I will be checking them out online now thanks to you. Now that we’ve taken this class, and I have seen your examples, I am starting to interact with brands on social media more and more because I’ve realized how valuable and important we are to these brands that we’ve experienced. You know so much about this industry, and you demonstrate your knowledge perfectly with this blog-fabulous job!

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