10 Motivational Social Selling Quotes

Whether you support social selling or not, it’s a practice among top sales professionals that is alive and well. The buyer is now easier to reach than ever, because the buyer isonline and changing the way we approach sales.

Today, sales professionals work hard to strategically insert themselves into the buyer’s journey online. I like this description of the battle for attention that is social selling from a book I’m reading called Social Selling: Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers: 

Engaging prospects early and often in the decision cycle is now a prerequisite of modern business, and the battle for attention is fought through subject matter expertise andthought leadership in a
non-promotional format.

Subject matter expertise and thought leadership in a non-promotional format is a big part of being a social seller. Of course there’s a lot more to social selling than that, as you’ll see in the quotes below.

I created the following images using ten motivational social selling quotes that speak to what social selling is and why it’s so important for sales professionals today. These quotes are from social media, marketing, and social selling professionals and will hopefully inspire you and get you thinking about your approach to social selling.

Which quote motivates you the most?


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