How to Choose What the Public Sees on Your LinkedIn Profile [Pictures]

Do you know how your LinkedIn profile looks to those who you are not connected with? Your public profile is important, and you should check up on what you’re sharing with everybody.

Here’s how to edit your Public Profile:

  1. Hover over “Profile” in the top navigation, and click “Edit Profile”


2. Hover over your Public Profile URL and wait for a gear icon to pop up


3. When you see the gear icon, click on it!


4. Now you are on your Public Profile page where you can edit what people see on your public profile (when they are not connected with you)


5. On the right, you’ll find a list of items that people can see on your public profile. Check the boxes next to the items that you want to share publicly. This may depend on what you use your LinkedIn profile for– if you are a salesperson, you want to show as much information as possible because potential clients are checking you out!


Hope this tutorial is helpful to you!


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