The Big Difference Between a Published Post and an Update on LinkedIn

Sharing helpful and interesting information on LinkedIn is an excellent way to add value to your online community. If you’re in sales, it’s even more important to share valuable information because it can influence your prospects. According to LinkedIn research, 65% of buyers feel the vendor’s content had an impact on their final purchase decision. 

You have two options for sharing written content on LinkedIn: Share an update orWrite an article. Dubbed an “update” and “post” respectively, these options seem interchangeable by name– but they are not. There’s one big difference:

The content you share in a published post must be your own written work.

According to LinkedIn’s Publishing Guidelines, LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform is an ideal forum to develop and strengthen your professional identity by sharing yourknowledge and expertise in your job. Essentially, it’s your own professional blog here on LinkedIn. Here’s a good rule of thumb for publishing posts from the publishing guidelines:

Please don’t share anything you don’t have permission to share. This includes other people’s posts, things that you’ve found on the Internet, or content that belongs to your employer but not you. Most content on the Internet belongs to someone, and unless you have clear permission from the owner to share it, you shouldn’t include it in your posts. You can republish something that you have published somewhere else as long as it is your original content that you own the rights to. -LinkedIn

Other differences between updates and posts:

  • An update allows you to write a maximum 600 characters whereas a post allows you to write up to 40,000 characters
  • A post sends a notification to all of your connections that you’ve “published a new post” whereas a update does not send a notification
  • A post is visible on your profile in the Posts section, whereas an update is only visible in the news feed

Now that you know the difference between an update and a post, you’re more LinkedIn savvy than before! Need more guidance on sharing content for sales? Read this LinkedIn blog post here.

Happy publishing!


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