The Analogy That Makes Social Selling Make Sense

Imagine if you walked into a party, where you didn’t know anybody, and suddenly started yelling, “Buy my widgets! I have a great deal on widgets!”

Do you think people would buy from you? It’s very unlikely.

Now imagine if you entered the party and found a group of people to start a conversation with. You introduced yourself, asked questions, and listened. You found out who might need a widget, and who might not.

Then, you worked on building rapport with those who might need a widget. When the time was right to discuss widgets, you were able to offer your services in a non-intrusive way.

Because your contacts trust you and believe that your widgets will solve their problems, they decide to buy from you.

That is how social selling works. It’s about building trusted relationships and solving a problem for your prospects, and you can do a lot of it on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Stay tuned to learn how.


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