For Personal Stylists Considering Virtual Styling

I get it. Styling clients in person is ideal. You enjoy seeing and feeling the clothing that you suggest to your clients, being with them as they try on different outfits, and seeing the confident smile on their faces when you’ve hit the jackpot.

If you do offer virtual styling services, maybe it’s not panning out like you thought it would. You’re discovering that it’s difficult to get the word out about your virtual services and that most clients aren’t willing to pay $500 for a video call.

You may be avoiding virtual styling all together, because you prefer to work with people in person, you find it difficult to get the video chat thing set up, or you’re too busy to fit it into your schedule.

Yes, there are plenty of reasons not to try virtual styling. But there are many reasons you should give it a go (and there’s a platform that makes it easy).

Here are three reasons to consider going virtual:

To help people outside of your local area

When you style clients in person, you are limited to your geographical area– that is, unless your clients pay for your travel. Chances are that you’re marketing yourself to your city and meeting clients who live within close range.

Virtual styling will help you grow your business without boundaries. You can meet with clients who are thousands of miles away, give them advice in a live video chat, and send them links to the items you recommend for them to try or buy.

There is someone hundreds of miles away who wants to be styled by you, but currently has no way of receiving your services. It’s not only distance that stops them from meeting with you in person. Maybe they don’t have the means. Maybe they’re disabled or recovering from illness that keeps them at home. What if they’re nervous to meet with a stylist in person and would feel much more comfortable meeting in a live video chat?

It’s all great, but how in the world can you reach these people? You can advertise to different states using social media advertising platforms, like Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram. Or, you can check out a marketplace of virtual style and beauty professionals that takes care of all the marketing for you.

Keep yourself safe

Do you ever avoid meeting inside a client’s home because you don’t know them well enough to feel completely safe? Safety is a concern anytime you are going somewhere unfamiliar to style somebody you don’t know.

Virtual styling is a safe way to organize the inside of somebody’s closet without having to be present. And when you style virtually, you don’t need to share yourlocation either!

Make extra money

The truth is that people are unlikely to pay your regular rate for a virtual appointment. Why? Because live video styling is new and unfamiliar. Your clients will learn how helpful a virtual styling appointment with you can be, but you may need to consider lowering your usual rate to encourage them to try it. As long as you deliver results, you can make a decent amount of extra money by styling virtually.

Virtual styling doesn’t replace in-person styling, but the beauty of virtual styling is that you can do it from anywhere, at anytime.

Virtual styling doesn’t replace in-person styling, but the beauty of virtual styling is that you can do it from anywhere, at anytime. Working virtually gives you the flexibility to set your own hours and work from the comfort of your laptop, tablet, or phone. You’ll save money that you would have spent traveling to your client.

You’ll also save time by saying goodbye to Skype, PayPal, and Google Calendar because you can use the only all-in-one virtual consulting app for style and beauty professionals. Launching in just a few short weeks, ExperChat will expose you to millions of people across the country and give you the chance to finally go virtual!

But first, you have to apply and be approved to use ExperChat. Click below to learn more.

Got a question about virtual styling through ExperChat? Let’s connect!

-Johannah Miller, Marketing Manager at ExperChat

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