5 Ways to Get Your Products Found on Etsy

Etsy is a database. You need to optimize your products listings so that they appear in the right searches. If you’re selling birthday-themed wine glasses, you want your products to appear first when a shopper searches “birthday wine glass”.

Here are a few ways to optimize your Etsy listings:

  1. Use 10 photos of your products – Take advantage of all ten spots for photos because these will be the most persuasive in selling your products to online shoppers. But, don’t worry about naming your photo files because Etsy gives all photos randomly-generated titles with numbers and letters.
  2. Write your product title with as many relevant keywords as possible – Since Etsy is a database, you’ve got to use the right keywords in your listings. Think of how you would search for your items. What words would you type into the search bar? Take those words and use them in your product title. Make sure to use dashes, too! Ex. Schrute Farms Sweatshirt – Dunder Mifflin T-Shirt – The Office Shirt – Dwight Schrute – Michael Scott – Jim Halpert – The Office Sweater
  3. Use all 13 tags – The tags section is another place to take FULL advantage of. Brainstorm search words that people would use to find your product. If you’re selling a Cinderella dress, you could list cinderella dress, cinderella costume, cinderella clothes, disney princess dress, disney princess… etc.
  4. Match your product title with the listing tags – Here a cool tip: match your keyword tags to the keywords you used in your product title. This will give your listing a nice SEO boost!
  5. Describe your product in detail – The product description is so important! Second to photos, your description can really reassure a potential shopper that this is the product they should purchase! My favorite template is:ABOUT THIS PRODUCT
    + Text here
    + Text here

    + Text here

    + Text here

When you’re done, sign up for a free account with Etsy Rank to see how your listings rank. It’s a great tool that will tell you where your shop stands on your keywords and how to optimize your listings.

And remember, SEO takes time.

Best of luck!

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