13 Ideas for LulaRoe Live Sales on Facebook Live

Going live to sell your LulaRoe inventory can be really fun! Need some ideas? Read below for thirteen live sale ideas!

(Note: These ideas are only awesome if you set up your videos correctly! Read my ebook to learn how to set up your lighting, camera, and yourself.)

  1. Outfit of the Day (#OOTD): Show off your own LulaRoe outfit OR have a friend model an outfit for you!
  2. What to Pack for Vacation: Create outfit ideas for summer vacation to inspire your guests who are planning a beach trip or cruise!
  3. Sunday Sale: Run a special sale on Sundays because it’s a big shopping day for shoppers who are resting (and totally bored) at home!
  4. Pick a Number Game: Have your viewers pick a number to reveal an item of clothing to help build an outfit. You could do the same to reveal specials!
  5. Friday Fashion Show: Have your kids, family, or friends model outfits for you. Make it fun!
  6. Requests LIVE: Take requests from your viewers. This is a good one to do at the same time every week so viewers know when they can ask you a million questions.
  7. All About _____________! Feature one style for an entire live video. Describe how it fits, how to wash it, how to style it. You can do this with all your different types of clothes! Jacksons, Carlys, Joys, oh my!
  8. Mystery Box! Create a mystery box that your customers can buy. The box can have a theme like Leggings and your customers will have a nice surprise at their doorstep!
  9. Lady in Red: Show all of your pieces with RED in them! You can do this with any other color, too! Just come up with a cute name.
  10. Get the Look: Show a photo of a celebrity and create a LulaRoe inspired look that echoes the same style!
  11. Unboxing: Debut all the new items you received in the mail! But, do take time to hang them up. Don’t just show the plastic wrapped clothing.
  12. When My Husband Dresses Me: Get your hubby to create a LulaRoe look for you! This is entertaining and fun!
  13. Body Shapes and Colors Lesson: Educate your shoppers about how to dress for your body shape and complexion. Use your LulaRoe pieces to demonstrate!

Which of these will you try?


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