This Is Why People Stop Watching Your LulaRoe Live Sales

If you’re trying live sales to sell your cute (and not-so-cute) LulaRoe clothing, it’s important to get it right. You don’t want to lose viewers. There are many marketing tips for keeping video viewers that I would love to share with you.

But first, let me share some of the reasons why people are leaving your live sales. I learned this from viewing hours of LulaRoe live sales and these things made me drop off the video:

  • You’re yelling at the camera. So many people are yelling at the camera. Do you know what that does? It makes me X-out of your video because I can’t stand listening to your voice. If you are close enough to the video camera, we can hear you. Practice by taking a video of yourself and play it back. Would you listen to you? No? Then, change your tone. A relaxed voice is best!
  • Your lighting is way too bright. Bright lighting is super important but your lighting can actually be too bright. How do you know if it’s too bright? You’ll know if your face is washing out. If the color in your face is being “blown out” by light (it’s white as paper in some spots) then you’ve got way too much light. It’s critical to have the best lighting possible. Try 1, 2 or 3-point lighting to figure out what setup works best for you. You want your customers to see the colors of the fabric exactly as they look to you! For more instructions, check out my ebook How to Sell More Clothing with Live Video.
  • You play loud music in the background. Guys, you may think music makes things more fun and less awkward. FALSE. It can be super distracting and drown out your voice. Too many sounds competing for attention makes for poor audio. Audio quality is just as important as lighting. ALSO: You aren’t even allowed to use copyrighted music in your live stream. Facebook will not allow it and their bots will detect it. Think about it: artists need to be paid when their songs are played. If you’re playing their songs without a license, you’re hurting their business and breaking the law. Restaurant and bars get shut down over this kind of thing! It’s not something to take lightly.
  • There’s dead air. Oh man. Let’s say someone like me has landed on your live video. I don’t live near you, I live hundreds of miles away but I’m willing to listen to you and maybe buy something. Ideal customer! If I land on your video and you’re not speaking and there’s nothing going on… I’ll get bored and leave. Don’t bore your viewers. Keep it moving!
  • It’s unorganized. If you are showing clothes in all different sizes and taking requests, I may not be interested in watching. Why? Because you’re busy catering to other people and I won’t wait around to get my questions in. I’d rather see your inventory by size. But hey, maybe you’ll go live later and show all L sizes. I guess I’ll come back and watch later.

Do you think you could improve in any of these areas? Comment to let me know!


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