3 Secrets to Successful Live Video Sales

Going live on Facebook seems easy, right? You can go live and do a great job! But I want you to do an amazing job. Here are some secrets from top live sellers at YouNique and LulaRoe.

“You want your viewers to comment or like your live video because if they don’t, you won’t even know who is watching! And if they engage with your video, their friends will see that in the news feed. It’s an instant BUMP to your live video. When you start the live video, tell your viewers that you can’t see any comments and you’re not sure if your Facebook is working correctly. Ask them to comment so you know they’re there — that always gets my guests commenting!”

— LulaRoe Top Retailer

“I sometimes do giveaways for those who share my live video. I ask them to share and comment once they’ve done it. The key is to announce the prize at the end of the video so they don’t leave!!”

— LulaRoe Top Retailer

“My live videos are like chatting with my good friends. We always have fun! I tell them about my life and I’ll tell them a story or ask them a question and say something like– “if you will be healthy with me this week, give me some hearts so I know we’re in this together!” or “Wish me luck tomorrow because I’m competing! Give me some hearts to wish me luck!” These hearts are important because they’re like Facebook likes and end up in the news feed.

— YouNique Top Retailer

These tips will help your live video get the love and attention is deserves!

Best of luck!

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