7 LinkedIn Privacy Settings You Didn’t Even Know You Had

Unless you spend quite a lot of time on LinkedIn, you’ve probably missed some privacy settings updates. Even I didn’t know all of these were privacy settings until I was looking around for something.

I decided to put a few of them in an article so you can check up on your privacy settings knowledge — because there’s nothing more exciting than changing your settings, right?

If you haven’t given up on your privacy yet, these should be useful to you:

1. Did you know that you can control who can stalk your connections list? You can’t stop people from seeing connections in common or connections who endorse you, but you can stop them from seeing your entire list. If you’re so private that you don’t want anyone to know who you know, this is the privacy setting for you!

2. Did you know that you can remove that “Viewer of this profile also viewed” section from appearing on your profile? I’m not sure why you’d care to remove it unless you’re desperate to keep all eyes on you, but there you go! Options!

3. Did you know that you can control the visibility of your profile outside of LinkedIn? For example, your profile can be found through search or may pop up as a mini profile in some mail or calendar services. Don’t want to show up anywhere else? Turn this setting off.

4. I hope you already know this one. You can change your profile viewing options so that when you look at someone else’s profile, you either appear as Anonymous LinkedIn Member, Someone at [School or Company], or as yourself. If you choose to be anonymous, LinkedIn will take away your ability to see who has viewed your profile. Bummer.

5. Since we’re shown as active when we’re on LinkedIn, you can manage who sees that. Manage your active status and decide if you want your 1st degree connections, all of LinkedIn, or nobody to see your status.

6. You really should know this one already, but just in case… You should turn off the privacy setting called “Sharing profile edits” so that your profile edits do not end up in the news feed. You wouldn’t want the notification that you just changed your profile picture to be in the news feed for all to see, right? Unless you’re seeking attention by updating something on your profile. Depends on your strategy.

7. Here’s one I didn’t know about until recently. You can opt in or out of notifying connections when you’re in the news. This one only matters if you’re ever in the news. If you’d want your connections to get a notification about how you were just mentioned in an article about xyz, then keep it turned on.

Well, did I miss any good ones? Let me know if you have any thoughts or edits.

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