Is Your Restaurant Doing THIS on Instagram to Get More Customers?

Do you ever feel like you’re posting to a wall on Instagram? Or you can’t tell if your photos are getting customers inside your restaurant?

You have a way to talk to your followers and measure how many of them come in to eat!

Do this: Every time you get a new follower, send them a message to thank them for following you and offer them a small discount or free beverage. Heck, you can do this with old followers too!

When you offer them something, give them a unique code to give to their server. This way, you can track which followers actually came in!

If you don’t want to give anything away, you could personally invite them to an upcoming event.

This is also a genius way just to increase awareness of your brand and show off your personality (don’t be scared to make your message fun!).

A potential guest will warm up to your personality and hospitality and hopefully take you up on your offer.

Here’s an example that I received from a restaurant I followed on Instagram:

Image uploaded from iOS


What do you think? Will you try this on Instagram?


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