3 Simple (Yet Powerful!) Social Media Tools for Restaurants and Breweries

Posting to social media should be easy, right? As a locally-owned restaurant or brewery owner, you have so many other important things to focus on like operations or engaging with customers face-to-face.

In my experience as a social media specialist, these are the tools I would personally recommend to make managing your social media pages easy and enjoyable.

5 simple (yet powerful) social media tools for small restaurants and breweries:

  1. Use Canva to easily create images to share on social media (no graphic design experience needed) 

    Canva is a *free* graphic design tool website, founded in 2012. You can easily drag-and-drop over a million photographs, graphics, and fonts to create your social media graphics. Not only can you make social media images, but documents, presentations, and many other printable materials. 

    Need a kid’s menu? Canva.
    Need a poster for your restaurant? Canva.
    Need a giveaway image for Facebook? Canva. 

    Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 12.46.07 PM.png

    Canva knows what sizes to make your social media images. Choose from templates!

  2. Use Later to schedule and visualize your Instagram profile

    Later is a website that lets you schedule Instagram posts ahead of time and visualize how your Instagram profile will look with your pre-planned posts. Pretty awesome! You can either auto-post or manually post the scheduled Instagram posts using the accompanying smartphone app.My favorite part about Later? It has a hashtag suggesting tool. You type in a word and it gives you a list of hashtags to add to your post. For me, posting 30 hashtags with each Instagram post is annoying because it’s not easy to type them all in and to make sure to choose different ones each time I post. With Later, you can even SAVE your hashtag collections. So, you could save 4 different hashtag combinations and use that to switch it up with your posts. Yeah, seems like a lot of work but hashtags are important. We can talk about that in another blog post.

    Later is not free. See pricing here. But if it saves you time, I say it’s worth it!

    Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 1.04.05 PM.png

  3. Use Facebook’s Scheduling Feature to quickly prepare your Facebook posts for the week 

    Got a Facebook business page? Don’t worry about using third party tools. Just use Facebook’s scheduling feature. It makes setting up your posts for the week too easy.How to do it: Instead of clicking the blue Publish button, click on Schedule. Then, pick a date and time. You’re done! If you want to see all your scheduled posts, go to the Publishing Tools tab.

    I hope this short list of tools is helpful to you. Please let me know by leaving me a comment or connecting with me on LinkedIn. Cheers!

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