The Daily LinkedIn Checklist You Need to Succeed with Social Selling

If you're just starting to look at social media as a tool for sales, you may be feeling overwhelmed. Getting into a social selling routine on LinkedIn takes time, so I've put together a list of daily LinkedIn activities to help guide you. Please download the checklist by clicking here: linkedin-daily-checklist


Here’s How to Build a Perfect LinkedIn Profile

When is the last time you polished your LinkedIn profile? Would you count on your profile to make a stunning first impression on prospects who are sizing you up? If you aren't confident in your LinkedIn profile, your prospects won't be either. A study by LinkedIn found that 50% of buyers avoid sales professionals with incomplete LinkedIn profiles. … Continue reading Here’s How to Build a Perfect LinkedIn Profile

The Analogy That Makes Social Selling Make Sense

Imagine if you walked into a party, where you didn't know anybody, and suddenly started yelling, "Buy my widgets! I have a great deal on widgets!" Do you think people would buy from you? It's very unlikely. Now imagine if you entered the party and found a group of people to start a conversation with. You introduced … Continue reading The Analogy That Makes Social Selling Make Sense

10 Motivational Social Selling Quotes

Whether you support social selling or not, it's a practice among top sales professionals that is alive and well. The buyer is now easier to reach than ever, because the buyer isonline and changing the way we approach sales. Today, sales professionals work hard to strategically insert themselves into the buyer's journey online. I like this description of the battle … Continue reading 10 Motivational Social Selling Quotes