3 Ways Snapchat Can Help Market Beauty Products

Sarah Ang, 8 Brands Rocking Snapchat, Mashable, December 5, 2013

J.J. Colao, Pew Study Suggests That Snapchat Has 26 Million U.S. Users, Forbes Magazine, October 28, 2013

Jennifer Beese, How Brands Are Using Snapchat To Engage Audiences, Sprout Social, December 23, 2013

Hollywood’s Most Exclusive Beauty Authority Launches Online Shop

Marshall Heyman, Restoring the Glamour of Hollywood, Wallstreet Journal, February 27, 2014

Author Unknown, Violet Grey’s Virtual Doors Are Open for Business,, April 2, 2014

Is Lancome Still a Granny Brand?

Kevin Allen, Report: More Facebook Fans Equals Lower Engagement Rates, Ragan’s PR Daily, May 3,2012

Stephanie Buck, Michelle Phan: Behind the Makeup of YouTube’s Fairy Godmother, Mashable, August 23, 2013

Photos courtesy of Lancome,

Urban Decay Contest Hypes Up New Collection on Pinterest

Alexandra Samuel, Meet Your Pinterest Customer, Harvard Business Review, March 2, 2013,

Alexandra Samuel, Data Driven Pinterest Tactic Sales, Harvard Business Review, July 18, 2013

Barbara Farfan, Retailers Find Social Marketing Sales Success on Instagram and Pinterest that Facebook Never Delivered-The Retail Social Media Shuffle, February 26, 2014

Photos courtesy of Urban Decay

The Benefit of Birchbox

Erin Griffith,Exclusive: Birchbox Raising $50 Million, Forbes, February 20, 2014

Dan Khabie, Four Reasons Brands Need to Partner, LinkedIn, July 11, 2013

Photos: Birchbox Instagram, Birchbox Facebook

Julep: A Polished Approach to Social Media

Julep’s About Page

Carol Tice, How Social Media is Fueling the Next $1B Beauty Brand, Forbes, January 22, 2014,

Jason Stoffer, Julep Disrupts Beauty Market Using Social Media, Maveron, February 8,2013

Ryan Underwood, How to Gauge Customer Demand, Inc. Magazine, December 2013/January2014 Issue

Photos: Jane Park photo credit: Rick Dahms For Forbes

Which Dimension Will You Get Dolled Up In?

Herman Chein, Building a Beauty Brand Online, Global Cosmetic Industry, January 2012, Vol. 180 Issue 1

Samantha Kelly, 3D Augmented-Reality Makeup Mirror Could Transform Beauty Shopping, Mashable, January 6, 2014

ModiFace, Apple Selects ModiFace’s Lipstick Design Studio As The Best New Lifestyle iPhone/iPad App, ModiFace, February 16,2014

Mary Kay, About Mary Kay

Ian Thomas, Quarterly Retail E-Commerce Sales, 4th Quarter 2013, February 18, 2014, U.S. Census Bureau

Tameika Lawrence, FaceCake & Lancome Debut Virtual Makeup Try-On Technology At DreamDry Salon, StyleBlazer , February 12, 2014

Duncan Alfreds, Young People ‘Embracing’ Online Shopping, News24, January 21, 2014

Photos: ModiFace Virtual Makeover Photo Mary Kay Virtual Makeover Photo found on Lancome Tweet courtesy of Twitter

How Revlon Rules Instagram

Kate Knibbs, Nielsen Research Finds That When It Comes to Mobile, Instagram Beats Twitter, Digital Trends, December 18, 2013

Susan Saurage-Altenloh, Social Studies: Instagram, Saurage Marketing Research, September 4, 2013

Patricia Redsicker, Instagram Platform Ripe for Customers Shows New Research, Social Media Examiner, January 21, 2014

Maeve Duggan, Social Media Update 2013, PewResearch Internet Project, December 30, 2013

Lindsey Tishgart, As Instagram Rolls Out Ad Programs, Brands are Seeking Record Engagement, Business Wire, October 29, 2013

Brian Pittman, Instagram’s Big Win Proves Visual PR Matters- Five Reasons to Get Your Visual Web Efforts Up to Speed Now , Bulldog Reporter, November 7, 2013

Digital IQ Index Report, L2

How Dove is Using YouTube to Change Our Perception of “Beauty” and Create Brand Loyalty

Rob Ciampa, Major Study Identifies Substantial Beauty Industry Disparities on YouTube, Market Wired, February 4, 2014

Nina Bahadur, Dove ‘Real Beauty’ Campaign Turns 10: How a Brand Tried to Change the Conversation About Female Beauty, Huffington Post, January 21, 2014

Marissa Florindi/Edelman, Dove Takes Unstoppable Girls to the Top of the World At the Empire State Building, The Business Journals, October 3, 2013

Samantha Kelly, 82% of Women Think Social Media Drives the Definition of Beauty, Mashable, January 24, 2014

Samantha Kelly, Viral Dove Campaign Becomes Most Watched Ad Ever, Mashable, May 20, 2013


Header Photo courtesy of the Huffington Post

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