Word of Mouth Marketing

The Beauty of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Ted Wright, founder of word-of-mouth marketing agency Fizz, said in a recent Social Media Marketing podcast, "I do not believe this is the age of social media. I believe this is the age of conversation. I believe social media tools are a very important part of that conversation." Ted offers a bigger perspective that often gets lost … Continue reading The Beauty of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Revlon Love Is On Print Ad

LOVE IS ON at Revlon

My first reaction to the Revlon "Love Is On" TV spot was admiration for Revlon's marketing team and a 10-second karaoke performance. "Addicted to Love" by Florence + The Machine is the perfect song for Revlon's romantic campaign. You might as well face it, you're addicted to love. I mean, aren't you? It's the simplest pairing: … Continue reading LOVE IS ON at Revlon

Hollywood’s Most Exclusive Beauty Authority Launches Online Shop

... and Jack Nicholson was at the launch celebration dinner. What! Friends of VIOLET GREY's founder, Cassandra Huysentruyt Grey, attended a dinner to celebrate the start of her online beauty editorial and e-commerce website, which complements her retail location on Melrose Place. Cassandra is married to the CEO of Paramount Pictures, Brad Grey, which explains the Hollywood guest list and … Continue reading Hollywood’s Most Exclusive Beauty Authority Launches Online Shop

The Benefit of Birchbox

Birchbox is an e-commerce company that delivers personalized boxes of beauty product samples to subscribers each month at $10/box. Full-sizes of the sample products are available to purchase on the website and there's beauty content to boot! This Birchbox video explains it all: I do not subscribe to Birchbox (even though I'd love to!) but … Continue reading The Benefit of Birchbox