These People Make Awesome LinkedIn Videos

LinkedIn video is pretty new. It's not like everyone is posting videos of themselves to LinkedIn yet. It's a big opportunity to connect with people instantly and grow your brand. I wanted to find examples of people who use LinkedIn video and really rock it! But... I googled it and nothing came up on the … Continue reading These People Make Awesome LinkedIn Videos

The Daily LinkedIn Checklist You Need to Succeed with Social Selling

If you're just starting to look at social media as a tool for sales, you may be feeling overwhelmed. Getting into a social selling routine on LinkedIn takes time, so I've put together a list of daily LinkedIn activities to help guide you. Please download the checklist by clicking here: linkedin-daily-checklist

Here’s How to Build a Perfect LinkedIn Profile

When is the last time you polished your LinkedIn profile? Would you count on your profile to make a stunning first impression on prospects who are sizing you up? If you aren't confident in your LinkedIn profile, your prospects won't be either. A study by LinkedIn found that 50% of buyers avoid sales professionals with incomplete LinkedIn profiles. … Continue reading Here’s How to Build a Perfect LinkedIn Profile